Vember Audio
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FAQ - General

Who/what is Vember Audio?

Vember Audio was started in 2004 during the development of shortcircuit. It is privately owned/run by Claes Johanson and is registered in Helsingborg, Sweden. Claes currently reside in Berlin, Germany and is actively involved in Bitwig where we aim to take the next big step in the evolution of computer music studios.

Where can I find high-resolution press material?

There is a page with marketing material here.

FAQ - Online Shop

How are payments handled?

Payments are handled through share*it!. share*it! provides a wide variety of payment options, is secure, has excellent service and is available in a large part of the world.

How are the products delivered?

When you purchase a product from the shop you will be given a user account with which you can download the software and updates as they become available. This account is manually sent to you by e-mail within 48 hours. In most cases the processing time is much shorter and there's a good chance you will get your product(s) right away.

If you already have a user account on the customer zone from an earlier purchase, please state so in your order so we can add the product to your existing account. (not to be confused with forum accounts)

Do not hesitate to send a mail if you want to know the state of your order (even within 48h) or have any questions.