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Binary is beautiful

A digital recording is just a sequence of numbers. Easily quantifiable as ones and zeros, stored on physical media, combined together into larger numbers to form a continuous stream of data.

Surge - Digital and proud of it

Until you listen to it. Then it becomes real.

Surge is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree with us.

More than the sum of its parts

Architecturally speaking, Surge is a rather complex synthesizer. But because of how it's put together it's still easy to learn. Once you do, you will turn the sounds in your head to audio faster than ever.

The effortless workflow, attention to detail and the sound quality can't really be appreciated without trying it yourself. We suggest you try the demo!

Available now! (VST/AU - OS X/win32/win64)

Press reviews

“A new star is born”

Score: 5.5/6

Beat 07/2006 (Germany)

studio rekommenderar

“Surge har precis det vi letar efter i en mjukvarusynt – den har bra ljud, är lättrattad, stabil och sa vi förresten att den låter bra?”

Score: 9/10

Studio 01/2006 (IDG, Sweden)

Score: 8/10

Computer Music CM96 2006 (UK)

Specifications (v1.5.1a):


Factory sounds





System Requirements (Windows PC)

System Requirements (Mac)

User testimonials

"Brilliant sound from extreme tweakable oscillators, great filters and a deep and easy to use modulation system. The only subtractive synthesizer I need!" 


"During past 10 years i worked with a lot of software and hardware synthesizers. But this one beats them all by far. I'm totally addicted to this ultra-flexible masterpiece. Thanks!"

Joerg Schuster

"Surge is a beautiful satanic synth. It sounds amazing!"

Pablo Sara

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